The Best Blender for Green Smoothies

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Blendtec Blenders

In my mind there are two categories of blenders to choose from: pro or economical. The pro blenders will allow you to grind up virtually anything you’d like to drink…including iPads or golf balls… ūüėĮ

The economical will unfortunately regulate you to softer fruits and veggies.

Professional Blenders

Cash flow permitting, this category consists of two amazing blenders: Vitamix and BlendTec. I have tried both over the years and honestly, the differences are negligible. They both rock.

Vitamix ($499) –¬†The “original” pro blender.

BlendTec ($399) –¬†This blender looks cool. It’s super powerful. It’s popular and has more friends than you on social networking sites such as YouTube and Twitter.

I use a BlendTec simply because I think it looks better and they’ve persuaded me with their killer YouTube marketing campaign.

Economical Blenders

You have to start somewhere, right? Many of us can’t¬†initially¬†justify spending so much money on one of the pro models until we wrestle with trying to get a cheaper model to do our bidding. I know, I tried for years.

Oster ($59) – Looks nice and it’s rated the best in the sub $100 category.

I’ve tried many blenders over the years for my green smoothie needs and these 3 are not only my top blender choices but are¬†widely¬†recognized as the best among a variety of sources.

What blender do you use for your green drinks?

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