Green Smoothies vs. Green Drinks

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Juicing and Blending

What is the difference between green drinks and green smoothies? Not very much. In my mind they are one in the same; I use them interchangeably.

However, for the Semantic, I would classify green drinks as more of a green juice and green smoothies as more of a green shake, as opposed to a milkshake. You can also read about the benefits of juicing vs. blending.

Green Drinks

This is derived from “juicing”, and can contain all sorts of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc (as long as there is at least one leafy green vegetable). The pulp is discarded and only the liquid juice is consumed.

Green Smoothies

This is the same as above except it is made by putting all the ingredients in a blender thereby retaining all the fibrous pulp.

Either one is incredibly healthy for you and should be a normal part of your diet.

The pure juice is great for a quick pick-me-up or when you need a rush of nutrients. The smoothie is a great all-around meal replacement.

I usually have a green smoothie (shake) for breakfast and a green drink (juice) after work. That way I can get all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber I need in the morning and have a quick jolt of energy in the evening before dinner. It helps me eat less too.

Which do you prefer, drinks or smoothies?

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