Juicing vs. Blending

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Juicing and Blending

The Tools: Blender or Juicer?

If finances allow, I would buy both. For instance, even if you have a top of the line blender, carrots are just better off being juiced. And sometimes you just want a nice refreshing glass of apple juice without all the pulp. Other times you might want more of a complete meal so blending is the way to go. Plus, variety is the spice of life.

Which Blender?

Here they are in order of most expensive to least expensive. The Oster is the best in the sub $100 blender category — I used one for years and it worked just fine.

Which Juicer?

The higher end Omega, Champion and Breville are all very nice, however they cost around $300. For everyday fruit and vegetable juicing at a very reasonable price I recommend the following Oster; it looks nice, works great and it’s easy to clean.

Benefits of Juicing (drinks)

  1. Quick nutrition. The nutrients in freshly squeezed/pressed juice enter your bloodstream almost immediately after consumption since there is no fiber for your digestive organs to deal with.
  2. Easy digestion. Because of the lack of fiber the digestive organs do very little work. This is ideal for people with shifty digestive tracts and is great for those looking to cleanse and heal.
  3. Energy! Because of the quick nutrition absorption your body is instantly replenished and revitalized.
  4. No bloating. After chugging a tall glass of juice you still feel light and it will not ruin your appetite. You’ll still be hungry 30 minutes later.
  5. Variety. You can not blend everything. Ever try blending a carrot? It is rough.
  6. Less Oxidation. Blending whips a ton of air into the drink and exposes it to a greater level of oxidation which can destroy a large portion of nutrients.

Benefits of Blending (smoothies)

  1. Harder to overdose on fruit sugar. It is really easy to juice 10 carrots, 3 apples, 3 oranges and drink it all down, multiple times a day. That is a lot of fructose and it can seriously increase your blood sugar and insulin levels, which can increase your risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Not to mention getting you all tweaked out on sugar. Blending fruits and sweet vegetables retains the naturally occurring fiber in these plants which will help regulate the speed at which the natural sugars enter your blood stream.
  2. Fiber, fiber, FIBER! Blending fruits and vegetables retains the fiber which acts like a broom to your digestive system. It cleans us out and keeps us regular.
  3. Complete meal. Since the smoothie is packed full of fiber and nutrients (add an avocado or coconut for some good fats), you can have a glass or two as a meal and be completely satisfied for 2-3 hours.
  4. Easy to clean. Cleaning a blender is loads faster than cleaning a juicer and you do not have to feel bad about tossing the pulp or feel obligated to make a loaf of carrot zucchini bread. Although that would be tasty.
  5. Add goodies. Adding flax seed to a glass of juice just ruins the whole juicy-ness you got going on. But with a blended smoothie you can add all kinds of great stuff: nuts, seeds, protein powder, snickers…

So Which is Healthier?

They’re both healthy! It all comes down to personal preference, what finances will allow, your particular health and bodily requirements, and what you want your crap to look like. 😯

Generally, I make at least one green smoothie a day and juice when I need a quick pick-me-up or have an excess of fruits and veggies I need to get rid of before they spoil.

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