The Green Drink Diet

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This really is a supplement to your existing diet and not a full-blown diet on its own. There is no better way to eliminate bad dietary habits than to slowly replace those bad habits with good, healthy ones. So, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Tomorrow morning, before breakfast, try a green smoothie.
  2. Then, do it again the next morning. And again…until a week or two has passed.

What does this do?

  1. Your body will get a rush of essential nutrients (especially important at breakfast after fasting all night).
  2. Because you have taken care of the body’s basic needs you will be more satiated which will allow you to eat much less “crap” than you otherwise would have.
  3. Your body will slowly start to crave these nutritious boosts and you will start supplementing more and more of the unhealthy parts of your diet with healthier counterparts almost without thinking about it.
  4. The scale of your diet will tip in the direction of health and all the other stuff (that you still enjoy of course) will find its rightful spot in your dietary array: few and far between.

That’s it, folks. Simple. Nutritious.

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