Using Bananas in Green Smoothies

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Bananas Ripening

Most of my green drinks, shakes and smoothies call for at least one banana. Otherwise they tend to be too watery and the flavor mirrors that. Adding banana will bring those flavors together, enhancing them and at the same time it will slightly sweeten and thicken the drink.

Bananas, as you know, come in four colors depending on how long you have let them rot rest in the fruit bowl: green, yellow, brown and black.

  • Brown bananas are pungent and are great for puddings, shakes and smoothies where banana is the main ingredient.
  • Black bananas are dead and are wonderful for trash cans; they love them.
  • Green bananas have a strong raw plant-like flavor and are perfect for leaving in trees.
  • Yellow, is what you want; as little brown spots as possible with slight hints of green. This gives the banana a subtle and pure flavor which is what you want when using it to thicken, sweeten and bring out the flavors of the other ingredients in your green drink. Also, this is when the banana is at its most alkaline.

I usually buy a boatload of green bananas and as they turn yellow, I peel and freeze half of them in a Ziploc freezer bag. The other half get dunked in melted organic dark chocolate and then rolled in chopped almonds and maybe even some fresh grated coconut.

So that’s the gist on bananas, however, it would be wrong not to mention one of the best banana recipes ever in a post all about them. Be warned, it is definitely not healthy. If you ever have the pleasure of visiting New York you must try the Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery.

If you can’t, there is still good news; I found a recipe online that is so close to the original even die-hard fans probably can’t tell the difference.

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vancevep February 10, 2013

Great article! I just started introducing myself to green drinks and enjoy learning more about its ingredients.

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