The Best Blender for Green Smoothies

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Blendtec Blenders

In my mind there are two categories of blenders to choose from: pro or economical. The pro blenders will allow you to grind up virtually anything you’d like to drink…including iPads or golf balls… 😯

The economical will unfortunately regulate you to softer fruits and veggies.

Professional Blenders

Cash flow permitting, this category consists of two amazing blenders: Vitamix and BlendTec. I have tried both over the years and honestly, the differences are negligible. They both rock.

Vitamix ($499) – The “original” pro blender.

BlendTec ($399) – This blender looks cool. It’s super powerful. It’s popular and has more friends than you on social networking sites such as YouTube and Twitter.

I use a BlendTec simply because I think it looks better and they’ve persuaded me with their killer YouTube marketing campaign.

Economical Blenders

You have to start somewhere, right? Many of us can’t initially justify spending so much money on one of the pro models until we wrestle with trying to get a cheaper model to do our bidding. I know, I tried for years.

Oster ($59) – Looks nice and it’s rated the best in the sub $100 category.

I’ve tried many blenders over the years for my green smoothie needs and these 3 are not only my top blender choices but are widely recognized as the best among a variety of sources.

What blender do you use for your green drinks?

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Megan S. February 10, 2011

The Euro-pro Ninja Prep blender works very well.

Jason Manheim March 19, 2011

…and it’s rather cheap too (price wise).

Clark April 30, 2012

Yes it does! I have one and love it! I highly recommend this amazing blender.

Chris Pedersen March 3, 2011

OMG!!! That video was sickening to watch. Wheww! How will I erase that from my memory… bound to have nightmares!!!

I have used a Vita-Mix for years. It is an extraordinary blender!

Jason Manheim March 19, 2011

Ha! Brings new meaning to blending apple juice.

Laurie Constantino March 4, 2011

Love the Vita-mix, one of best purchases I’ve ever made. Use it multiple times a day. Great machine, great company, great warranty. The “economical” blenders aren’t worth the money if you’re a regular smoothie drinker – they don’t work well and die before their time.

Jason Manheim March 19, 2011

I completely agree. I used one for years until I made the switch to Blendtec. No difference in quality, warranty, etc. The only two I’ll ever use.

Fun Fit Lifestyle March 5, 2011

I love the Vita-mix, it really is worth the extra cost. I haven’t tried the BlendTec but I starting to get persuaded by their creative YouTube campaign.

Jason Manheim March 19, 2011

Guilty. *points to self*

I love them both.

Camille Hendsbee March 10, 2011

Nothing compares to the power and ease of the Vitamix – I recommend this to my clients all the time!

Jason Manheim March 19, 2011

…except Blendtec, right? 😉

Birit Trematore March 18, 2011

I loooove my Vitamix and use it several times a day. I just got it about a month ago. However, I have to say my little inexpensive Osterizer rocked as well. It pulverized kale for me for months until I got the Vitamix. Now it sits on the floor in the corner of the kitchen looking dejected. I can’t bring myself to give it away.

Jason Manheim March 19, 2011

My Oster is in the cupboard above the Blendtec collecting dust. Sometimes I take it out and let it watch as the Blendtec destroys 3 pounds of fruits and veggies in the blink of an eye.

Cory July 18, 2011

Maybe he could blend up your oster blender if you send it to him.

Jason Manheim July 19, 2011

Canniblenderism? 😉

Rebecca July 21, 2011

I’m dying to get a Vitamix. I have an old cheapie one that still works, so I just can’t justify it yet. I’ve started to make smoothies daily for me & kids, so maybe if I use it enough, then it will finally give up and THEN I can go get my Vitamix! Here’s hoping for a quick end to my Sunbeam!

Jason Manheim July 21, 2011

Ice. Lots of ice, make that Sunbeam WORK! It’ll tire out soon enough. 😉

Bo (aka PMS Warrior) July 22, 2011

Ha! Just found you via Twitter. And funnily enough, just also posted a guest post on a friend’s raw food website comparing Vitamix and Blendtec. See And Blendtec came out on top for me, for pretty much the same reasons as you say.

Loving your work!

Jason Manheim November 21, 2011

Thank, Bo. I’m on smoothie 962 this morning with my Blendtec. I love that it keeps track. 🙂

Bryan November 2, 2011

I had a VitaMix for years and recently swapped it out for a BlendTec. Overall I like the BlendTec better. It takes up less space (height in kitchen and I really like the pre-programmed buttons.

One thing the VItamix has over the BlendTec is the tamper . I could make some really good Sorbet (rivalling Haagen-Dazs) with the Vitamix. When you have a consistency so thick, you need the tamper to overcome the cavitation effect

Jason Manheim November 21, 2011

Agreed. Just make sure it’s not 5am and you’re still half asleep…because then you’ll put the tamper in before the top and tiny plastic pieces negate the healthy effects of green drinks.

I never did that, just sayin’ 😉

Asmar March 7, 2012

I love the Vitamix I had mine since 1996 still running strong. I been making smoothies before they became popular you don’t need to use a tamper to make them. The tamper is for very, very thick stiff recipes like making peanut butter, thick ice cream and sorbet ect. The tamper is just a tool to expand

Jason Manheim March 8, 2012

Most times that’s true. However, when using whole fruits (like a whole apple) you definitely need it.

Wendy March 15, 2012

I just got my new blender 2 days ago, works great and was cheaper than a Vitamix. Bought it on with free shipping. Waring Pro MX1000 Commercial 3.5 HP blender

Gary March 24, 2012

Just checked the Waring Pro out after I read your post, fyi your Waring Pro only has a 2-year warranty plus one of the reviews on Amazon said Waring’s customer service is just awful!

Gary March 24, 2012

Blender choice was very simple for me, 7 year warranty (Vitamix) versus a 3 year warranty (BlendTec). Very obvious which company stands behind their product the most. FYI, at they have their 5200 reconditioned blender for $379 (with books, dvd and tamper) with free shipping, they charge tax but at $410 total and a 7 year warranty I kept the extra hundred bucks or so in my pocket.
So glad I found this site, I will be a regular visitor throughout the year!

Jason Manheim March 27, 2012

Hi Gary,

Where do you see the 3 year warranty for Blendtec? Mine came with a 7 year which is what is advertised on their site. They do offer a 3 year *extended* warranty which gives you 10 years total.

Either way, they are both great machines.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wendy S March 24, 2012

I just purchased the Waring Pro MX1000 commercial 3.5 hp blender. It is fabulous! Makes Starbucks-style frappaccinos, but best yet is it’s ability to liquify greens for my green smoothies (my reason for purchasing a powerful blender). Cost was $307 (new) with free shipping. I purchased it on It was about half the cost of the comparable Vitamix. I just couldn’t shell out the money for Vitamix.

Jason Manheim March 27, 2012

Wonderful! If it works for what you need it to do, that’s all that matters. Thanks for stopping by, Wendy.

Eileen May 14, 2012

I have multiple chemical sensitivities and am very sensitive to plastics. I tried out a Vitamix at a friend’s house, and got sick from the smell of the plastic blender housing as the motor heated up while chugging away on a green smoothie. I think she had an older Vitamix, so at least the food-containing cannister was still stainless steel instead of plastic, unlike the newer versions of both the Vitamix and Blendtec. As someone who can taste the plastic in foods stored in plastic containers, I am concerned about having my veggies whirring around a plastic blender jar at speeds high enough to warm the food.

Also, I am very noise sensitive, and found her Vitamix excruciatingly loud. Do you know of any blender that can handle vegetables that is both quiet, and has a glass cannister and metal housing?

If its motor isn’t strong enough to handle the harder vegetables like carrots, would it work to grind them up in a food processor first? Ideally, the food processor would be in a single-machine combo with the blender. Again, I’d need one of those that was both quiet and non-plastic. Any recommendations?

Jason Manheim May 21, 2012


So your super power is Ultimate Sensitivity, huh? Cool. 😉

I do know that the material used in both the Blendtec and Vitamix containers are food-grade quality but if you can still smell/taste it then I’m not sure what to offer.

I’m not familiar with a blender that matches your requirements but perhaps someone else can chime in and offer a solution.

As for carrots, you should be juicing those (in a juicer as opposed to a blender) since no blender does that well on foods that hard (unless your goal is a heated soup).

Linda May 27, 2012

Hola Green Smoothie Peeps!

So, I’m a newbie at implementing natural foods in my diet. If it was Healthy Choice (or other proposed healthy boxed meal) and was ready to serve in 3 minutes, it was in my shopping cart! I’m a runner and general fitness class junkie and couldn’t understand why I was feeling sluggish or not seeing the full results of the my workout efforts. My friend Val – a runner and amazing cyclist – having the same sluggish feeling decided to go gluten free and then vegan. It worked for her and her Vitamix is her sidekick.

I’m not that dedicated and don’t think I could survive being vegan for more than a week! However, I read a book called “Clean”, which also talks about the need to alkanize the system for proper nutrition, health and overall better appearance (skin, eyes, hair, etc.). I, too, grasped my wallet tightly when it came time to purchase a blender – both Vitamix and Blendtec were recommended in the book. Instead, I purchased a Kitchenaid for $100 at Target and I proceeded to beat that thing up for about 6 months making smoothies. It worked well for what I needed it to do but I couldn’t stop thinking about splurging on a better machine. As though it were fate, one day in Costco a ray of light circled a demo booth where the Blendtec was pulverizing carrots, onions, tomatoes and cilantro into a delicious tortilla soup. It called my name. I didn’t buy on the spot. I went home and researched the difference between the “V” and the “B” and Jason is right, they both are highly rated machines. After my research, I went back and purchased the Blendtec at the Costco price of $350 (a bargain for those of you who know!). So, availability and price motivated my decision to buy. But, it’s been about 3 months and 227 uses and I’m so glad I bought the Blendtec!

If there were a fire, my Blendtec will be rescued on my way out the door. To be fair, Val would do the same with her Vitamix.

I hope this helps other people on their quest to find their blender.

Thank you Jason for this website! I look forward to reading more about green smoothies!

peace, love & laughter

Jason Manheim July 13, 2012

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope your Blendtec breaks 10k uses! My current machine is at 1,679.

Melissa Morgan July 13, 2012

As long as you load the blender correctly (liquids, solids, then frozens) the Blendtec with the wildside jar is amazing! I just hope my neighbors aren’t bothered by it. I live in an apartment and it is very loud!

Jason Manheim July 13, 2012

They’ll acclimate, mine did. 😉

For years I woke up around 6am and fired mine up. If they did take issue with the noise, I never knew about it.

Sheila Reilly July 22, 2012

I lusted after Vita-Mix for years until I got past the thought of spending that much for “just a blender.” Of course, it’s not just a blender – it’s a freakin’ Vita-Mix! I found a good deal on QVC for just under $400, including S&H, and they even had the option to break it up into 3 or 4 monthly payments on my credit card, which took the sting out of the splurge. Not a moment of regret in my purchase. The funny thing is that even after wanting one for ages and getting the cookbook and DVD along with it, I didn’t really start using it to its capacity until I happened upon a Vita-Mix demo in a local grocery store. Seeing it in action (and tasting the samples produced) had me filling my cart up with all sorts of organic veggies and racing home to drink some green stuff. I’ve had it for 3 years now, and I’m still excited about it.

Jason Manheim July 24, 2012

Same here. I had a Vitamix (technically it was my roommates) for years and once I started using it everyday, she began using it too. Before that it was collecting dust on the counter.

Now I have a Blendtec (about 3 years) and I’m still amazed at what it can do. Green smoothies, soups, nut butters, baseball dust…

Cecelia Mercer August 3, 2012

My oncologist recommend the Nutri-Bullet. Does anyone have a comment on this? I don’t want to make more than I can drink at one sitting. I have stage 1 breast cancer and know that better nutrition will kill those nasty little cancer cells.

Amanda January 15, 2013

i have the nutribullet and love it…for me, it works just as well as the vita-mix. a cousin of mine bought it, and mine does the same thing, and cheaper….

Elizabeth January 19, 2013
Renee January 9, 2013

I have the magic bullet i love it

James West June 27, 2013

Move up to the Nutribullet you won’t be sorry

tishmez March 28, 2013

I’ve had my blendtec for a few years now and LOVE it!! Got tired of blenders breaking and not doing the job. Well worth the price, but look around for a good deal.

DanniB May 23, 2013

Being retired, power and price were my main considerations and I finally settled on a Ninja Master Prep Professional, $59.99 to $69.99. Have been using it almost every day for the past year, still going strong and I love it. Comes with 3 different size containers and 3 blade components, a 6 blade and 2 four blades. The smallest container and blades can be used as a food processor.

For me, besides the power and the price, the greatest thing about this blender is the ease of clean up and the fact that the motor sits on top and liquid never leaks into or onto the motor.

When I finally wear this one out, I will definitely replace it with another one.

SmartSysta May 25, 2013

I’m a Vita-Mix girl! I just love it when all the tiny pieces disappear. I used to tolerate see pieces of apple, pears, carrot, etc., but now there’s no need for sauce when you can have a smoothie!

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