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Green Drink with Wheatgrass

Welcome to Healthy Green Drink.

We are jam-packed with usable information and delicious recipes. Drinks, shakes, smoothies, teas, extracts, fluids, nectar, sauces, serums, syrups… whatever name you want to give it, if it is green and you can drink it we are interested.

Our main focus is alkalizing drinks, nutrient dense smoothies and the myths and/or truths surrounding them. And our recipes, they kick some major ass.

New recipes and informational articles will be posted frequently so check back often.

In the mean time browse around; try something different, learn something new, or leave a comment on a post and drop some knowledge. This is a labor of love so I hope you enjoy.

Maintain alkalizing PH levels, lose weight, fight fatigue and be healthy!
Jason Manheim

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