Sproutmans Green Sprout Smoothie

You’ve got choices! My recipes are yoga-endowed with flexibility. If you have sprouts, you can and should use them. Of all the varieties alfalfa, broccoli, and sunflower blend well and don’t overwhelm the taste. If you don’t have any sprouts, you can use common vegetables such as kale and parsley. I prefer lacinato kale also […]

Green Lightening

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Green Lightening Green Smoothie

Here’s a quick and easy (but powerful) recipe to get your mornings rolling. It was submitted by Birit Trematore through our submit a recipe page. Ingredients Fill your blender 3/4 full of chopped kale 1″ peeled chunk of ginger 1/2 a lemon with the yellow rind removed (but leave the white part) 1 cup organic apple juice […]

Crazy Cranberry

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Crazy Cranberry Green Smoothie

This isn’t like the crazy dude hanging out in the ally of your local bodega. That guy probably has a wicked urinary tract infection and is suffering from dehydration. Two conditions that cranberry and coconut water destroy. As far as taste is concerned, it’s a sweet kick with lingering tart and spicy qualities…the drink that […]

Mango Mint-jito

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Mango Mint-jito Green Smoothie

A fresher healthier approach to its boozier counterpart (the Mojito), the Mango Mint-jito is packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and a number of properties beneficial to a healthy digestive tract. All the while staying true to its tropical origin in taste. In fact, I made one for my alcoholic brother and he didn’t even know […]