Dark Green Goodness

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Alkaline Diet Cook Book

This recipe comes from our good friend Ross at energiseforlife.com and is taken from his Alkaline Diet Cook Book that he launched just last month. It is a combination of the most alkalizing, energizing green foods, is packed full of chlorophyll from the green veggies and gives you a great energy boost! Ingredients 2 sticks […]


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Straw-megranate Green Smoothie

This is a tough one for a lot of blenders; the pomegranate seeds don’t blend very well unless you have a Vitamix, Blendtec or equivalent. Even with the heavy duty blenders you still get seed pieces but they’re very small and go down easy. If you’re of the cheaper blender crowd or have a texture […]

Just Peachy

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Just Peachy Green Smoothie

This is a great recipe for the newbies or those that just can not stomach the more complicated green drinks. It’s sweet and simple; just peaches and spinach and full of vitamin C.┬áPlus, it comes out of the blender looking almost fluorescent green so you can play “drink the toxic sludge” with the kids, your […]

Black Melon

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Black Melon Green Smoothie

Spring is upon us and hot weather (if you are lucky) is peeking around the corner. This means your local farmer’s markets are flooded with melons and fresh berries. I used some leftovers from a delicious fruit salad and threw in some spinach to make this green smoothie. Packed with potassium and vitamin C. Very […]