Green Smoothie Recipes

These green smoothie recipes are all made using a blender as opposed to juicing with a juicer. This allows for complete nutrient absorption including fiber.

Sproutmans Green Sprout Smoothie

You’ve got choices! My recipes are yoga-endowed with flexibility. If you have sprouts, you can and should use them. Of all the varieties alfalfa, broccoli, and sunflower blend well and don’t overwhelm the taste. If you don’t have any sprouts, you can use common vegetables such as kale and parsley. I prefer lacinato kale also […]

Green Lightening

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Green Lightening Green Smoothie

Here’s a quick and easy (but powerful) recipe to get your mornings rolling. It was submitted by Birit Trematore through our submit a recipe page. Ingredients Fill your blender 3/4 full of chopped kale 1″ peeled chunk of ginger 1/2 a lemon with the yellow rind removed (but leave the white part) 1 cup organic apple juice […]

Apple Raz

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Apple Raz Green Smoothie

The sweet and sour of the raspberry and red apple balance the bold flavor of the calcium rich kale. So much so that your skull may distend, jump out of your skin, paint itself in vibrant colors, and dance until dawn…at least that’s what it feels like. You can check out the ingredients page to […]

Crazy Cranberry

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Crazy Cranberry Green Smoothie

This isn’t like the crazy dude hanging out in the ally of your local bodega. That guy probably has a wicked urinary tract infection and is suffering from dehydration. Two conditions that cranberry and coconut water destroy. As far as taste is concerned, it’s a sweet kick with lingering tart and spicy qualities…the drink that […]


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Straw-megranate Green Smoothie

This is a tough one for a lot of blenders; the pomegranate seeds don’t blend very well unless you have a Vitamix, Blendtec or equivalent. Even with the heavy duty blenders you still get seed pieces but they’re very small and go down easy. If you’re of the cheaper blender crowd or have a texture […]

The Healthy Green

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The Healthy Green Smoothie

The all green green drink smoothie drink. 😯 I wanted something purely green that didn’t taste like the remnants after a lawn face-plant. It worked; sweet, sour, bitter and even a little spicy. Ingredients 1 bunch watercress 1 green apple 1 lime (juiced or peel the hard outer layer leaving the white) 1/4 cucumber 4 […]

Green Java

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Green Java Green Smoothie

Looking for a morning coffee alternative? Something that will still wake you up and give you a boost of energy? This is perfect. Wheatgrass is pure pick-me-up; pure energy, and with all the vitamin C from the oranges, its everything you need to get up and going. Ingredients 1 bunch wheatgrass 2 oranges (peeled) 1 […]

Strawberry Patch

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Strawberry Patch Green Smoothie

It’s a beautiful sunny day. You’re driving down the highway with the windows down and nothing but green earth and blue sky on the horizon. You come upon the biggest strawberry field you have ever seen and pull over to steal a taste. Instead of plucking one juicy strawberry from the ground, you pull up […]

A Grape Pear

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A Grape Pear Green Smoothie

This one is delicious; even for those that have yet to acquire the green tongue. A sweet green smoothie while still providing the health benefits of kale. Just a word of warning, kale can be quite difficult to blend if you do not have a super-duper blender (like an Vitamix or Blendtec) so you may […]

Just Peachy

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Just Peachy Green Smoothie

This is a great recipe for the newbies or those that just can not stomach the more complicated green drinks. It’s sweet and simple; just peaches and spinach and full of vitamin C. Plus, it comes out of the blender looking almost fluorescent green so you can play “drink the toxic sludge” with the kids, your […]