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Just Peachy Green Smoothie

This is a great recipe for the newbies or those that just can not stomach the more complicated green drinks.

It’s sweet and simple; just peaches and spinach and full of vitamin C.┬áPlus, it comes out of the blender looking almost fluorescent green so you can play “drink the toxic sludge” with the kids, your significant other, or yourself, in the mirror. 8)


4 whole peaches (pitted)
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup ice

Blend her up and drink her down. Add more ice and less water to make it more smoothie-like.

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NKI February 11, 2013

i made this smoothie the other day and it was absolutely delicious!! the peach added a sweet kick to the spinach. i will definitely be making this recipe again very soon!

Jason Manheim February 11, 2013

Awesome! Try using different greens next time like rainbow chard or give it a spicy kick with a little mustard greens.

MeliBB August 2, 2013

hey there! Quick question, I have a bunch of frozen unsweetened peaches in the fridge. How would I modify this to incorporate them? Omit the ice?

Jason Manheim August 6, 2013

That’s what I would do. You can always add in ice later if it needs more.

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