Getting Started With Green Drinks

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We eat healthy because we want to feel healthy — fantasies of living longer should not trump the importance of living stronger. Although there have been numerous studies outlining the therapeutic effects of diet on diseases like cancer, heart disease and immune disorders, we cannot let that obscure our motivation — the simple fact that eating good, feels good.

Eating healthy is not always easy or even practical — work, school, kids, a social life, etc. — so finding a way to provide your body with a significant amount of nutrition from a minuscule amount of effort, is ideal.

Adding a healthy green drink, shake or smoothie to your diet is a quick, easy, and affordable way to maintain a healthy, mostly alkalizing diet, that will rid you of dis–ease, allow you to lose weight, and unburden your life of that awful debilitating plague that is the mid–morning, afternoon and evening nap.

After all, food is energy.

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Why Go Green?

The oxygen–carrying ability of green foods is extremely vital for the cell functions of muscles, organs and brain health, the digestion of foods for nutrients, and the prevention of fungal growth in intestinal passages that can produce a condition of candida.

The green color of green foods comes from the phytochemical chlorophyll, which has been shown to have beneficial effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, immune response, cancer prevention, bacteria that cause disease, bad breath and internal odors.

Green foods can…

  • enhance the digestive process
  • increase absorption of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients
  • boost energy levels
  • eliminate toxins such as heavy metals, which can weaken our tissues and lead to disease over time
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol
  • support cellular metabolism
  • neutralize excess acidity
  • create better looking skin, hair and nails
  • delay the natural effects of aging
  • inhibits bacteria that cause disease, bad breath and internal odors
  • accelerates wound healing and improves our immune system
  • help reduce pain in fibromyalgia
  • help heal and reduce pain in ulcerative colitis
  • prevention of the growth of tumors
  • reduce macular degeneration and cataract development
  • help reduce allergies
  • help to neutralize excess acidity that leads to acid reflux

Greens can be mixed with water, juices, or blended into a shake with fresh fruit like bananas and berries. You can even mix it with protein powder for a complete meal replacement and other superfoods and sweeteners.

The Diet, The Equipment, and More…

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